Uncover the true you - 12 Weeks Program towards your ideal weight


Have you tried losing weight without success? Or do you always gain the weight back and then some? Tired of diets?

In this 12-week program we will find the root cause why you are overweight and do the transformational work on subconscious level. We will find out what kind of eater you are and what are your pitfalls when trying to get to your ideal weight. You will also get help in making your go to treats not so tempting.

This is not another diet program! We will work on your mindset and do the transformational work on subconscious level.

Discover the true you, appreciate the amazing body you have and start living with joy.

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This 12-week program includes

  • An in-depth survey of your current situation
  • 3 two-hour RTT sessions based on your personal needs
  • 3 personalized transformational recordings
  • 2 masterclasses
  • FB group
  • 2 iRest meditation recordings
  • E-mail support
  • Option to add yoga and breathing exercises to your schedule to enhance your well-being*

*Priced separately